Real Estate Agency
in Burgundy - France
Real Estate Agency
in Burgundy - France
 The real estate agency serving you in Burgundy
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 Advices and services for sellers

We insert your house information for free in : Internet, Paru Vendu and Le Criquet. Indeed the remuneration of the agency is only due if the sale is carried out. We are with your listening to determine together your project of sale and the general conditions of marketing.
This is a list of practical advice to best sell your property


Visitors are very aware of the environment. Clean up carefully the area surrounding of your property and provide regular maintenance of your garden.


The outside aspects of your house are as important as inside, after diagnostics, fill up if necessary the smallest crack, check for proper functionning of shutters and windows, check for any leaks from the roof, clean up the frontage.


Buyers don't like badly maintained houses. they see here the best way to lower the price, so go to work and paint if necessary, repair a leak , clean up the house and perfume the rooms.


The sun is a precious friend, open completely shutters, shades and curtains. It will bring heat, cheerfulness, that will make easy the rest of the visit relaxed.


It shoud be respectful of the visitor, let him visit freely. He must feel at home. If the visitor criticizes, the real estate agent will know how to discuss the ideas and present the best points of your house.


Let your real estate agent help negociate. He will study the financial position of the buyer and will propose to you the best conditions of payment and the ideal date of signature.

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